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Linda would prefer that a horse is backed before sent for training but may make exceptions under particular circumstances. Training consists of either 5 or 3 days a week with weekends off.  All horses begin with groundwork which makes it much easier for the horse to learn and perform.  All of the gaits are done on the lunge line. All of the lateral work as well as some upper level work is begun with in-hand work. She teaches everything possible from the ground first. When a horse is going well with all of the previously stated work, under saddle work may begin.

For horse dressage training lessons, Linda focuses on a light hand and seat, lightness always being the beacon to follow. Lessons can be taken on your horse or school horses (limited availability). Any level of rider is accepted.  Also lunge lessons, work-in-hand, and long lining are offered.

Lessons at Your Barn

Linda will travel to your barn within a 50 mile radius of Classicus Farm. A minimum of 3 lessons are required to travel to your barn. Call for details.

Training & Lessons

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