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Having studied under Dominique Barbier who was a student of Nuno Oliveira, Linda’s philosophy and methodology adheres with the French and Portuguese school of classical riding. She believes the classic dressage training methods to be for the good of the horse no matter what equestrian discipline one chooses to pursue. For example, she has trained many world class endurance horses in classical dressage and found it to be most effective in their performances.

Linda has competed minimally in FEI Dressage but finds training for the therapeutic value as well as the artistic value to be most important to her. She has done many performances for entertainment and hosted many events at her barn showcasing the art and beauty of classical dressage.

In her 25+ years of commitment to “lightness” in training and riding, Linda has realized that to attain the magical connection that we all search for requires us to engage our most powerful tool, our heart. When we feel positive emotions such as appreciation, kindness, compassion, and love for the horse, the horse will reflect that positive energy from our heart and both the person and horse will then synchronize, a true connection.

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“Linda is exceptionally good with Arabians and difficult horses because of her sensitivity to their needs. She is passionate about horses and training, and she is a hardworking person. She is an exceptional dressage rider and can take horses to higher levels of dressage.”

Dominique Barbier

“It was the first time I’d seen intensive groundwork.  But I understand what she was doing, and I could tell her sense of timing had a big, positive impact on the horse. She was teaching the horse to be focused, to drive from behind, to be flexible, to be giving, and to work with the handler. “ 

Valerie Kanavy, two times world endurance champion

I have known Linda over 15 years.  I was looking for a trainer of Classical Dressage and there she was in Edinburg, VA, offering lessons on her uniquely trained school horses.  We connected immediately especially after speaking about a specific horse breed original of the south of Italy, the Napoletano Horse.  I had been training in Italy and wanted to continue while in the US.  I started taking private lessons with Linda and since the beginning, her devotion and strong knowledge in this specific and unique style of horse training was evident and genuine.  Her teaching was technical yet so clear that I was able to learn so much while experiencing and enjoying classical dressage to a whole new level.  After I left and went back to Italy, Linda and I have stayed very close friends. 

Paola Gaspa

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