Conscious Awareness

“To know thyself,” an ancient Greek phrase that Socrates said is the most important wisdom one can attain. In our world today, we call it “self –awareness” or a more conscious awareness, which leads to a better understanding of our mental state – mood, perception, belief, intention, and emotion which can help us take the right action when relating to the horse. To put it simply, our thoughts and feelings affect everything around us including the horse.

Riding in Lightness

Lightness, the apex of classical dressage is the ideal form we strive for. However, an ideal form is something unchangeable, whereas riding is dynamic. This ideal form of lightness only happens in a moment of time.

If we take a photograph, we might capture the moment of lightness between the horse and rider. To achieve lightness for longer periods of time, we must string these moments together using subtle nuances. This is the art of riding and classical dressage.

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Lightness, the apex of classical dressage. The art of riding in lightness requires subtle communications to maintain lightness.

“To know thyself”, the most important wisdom in understanding you and your horse

His step becomes yours and your step his
And so the dance begins

With little or no contact of the reins
He remains soft, round, collected

Gliding as if he is on ice
A moment in lightness
– Linda Bertschinger


Your thoughts and feelings affect everything around you including the horse.

The most important tool we have for riding is our heart, where kindness and compassion come from.