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Classicus Farm offers events throughout the year. Linda offers various training workshops and hosts clinics for guest clinicians. Other events include those for entertainment to promote the art of classical dressage. Events are posted on the website, Facebook, and the Classicus Farm Newsletters. Sign-up for the Classicus Farm Newsletter to be informed of upcoming events.

Classical Dressage Workshop

September 2nd, 2023

Linda will be teaching a one-day workshop which is a great way to prepare for the upcoming clinics with guest clinicians that you may want to attend. Each participant can choose what they want to concentrate on. Linda will assess your horse in the morning session and give you a lesson with your horse in the afternoon session. Horses have a 12 x 12 stall for the day. The cost of the clinic which includes the stall is $180. Auditors are welcome for the fee of $30. There will be a lunch break in the middle of the day so bring your lunch and enjoy the beautiful setting of Classicus Farm. To reserve a space email or call (540) 459-8591.

Dominique Barbier Dressage Clinic

September 22nd – 24th, 2023

Join us at Classicus for a 3-day clinic with Dominique Barbier in the French tradition. As a best-selling author, clinician, world-renowned horseman, Dominique is one of our greatest links to the French classical riding tradition of the last four centuries “descent de main, descent de jambe.” But he is an innovator as well and that is what makes his message and his life’s work so important. Whether it is a clinic situation, a lecture, or a large symposium, Dominique brings his passion, his practice, and his life-long commitment to an ideal to create an uplifting message for all participants.

The format of the clinic is two sessions per day for each horse and participant. There will be morning sessions followed by lunch and afterwards, the afternoon sessions. Bring your own lunch or you may choose to order out from nearby restaurants. The cost of the clinic is $400 each day. Auditors are welcome for the fee of $30 per day. Stalls are available at $30 per day. If there is space, one session per day at the cost of $200 is possible. To guarantee your space in the clinic a 50% deposit is required by September 1st. If you have any questions or concerns, please call Linda at (540) 459-8591.

Antonio Ambrosanio Dressage Clinic

October 20th – 22nd, 2023

Dr. Antonio Ambrosanio, a certified veterinarian and acupuncturist, has been a dressage trainer for over 30 years and has taught in the discipline of jumping, competition dressage, and classical dressage. SEF Italia, one of the two leading riding associations of Italy, in addition to being the judge of high school events, has appointed him to create a new revised High School/Classical Dressage training program to further promote and develop this discipline in Italy.
Please contact Linda for more details by email: or phone (540) 459-8591.

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